The New Breed

by ShitKill

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These songs were not played to a click or quantized in any way.


released November 19, 2014

Josh Musto - Vocals and Guitar
Damien Moffitt - Drums
Danny Chpatchev - Guitar
Jack Moulton - Bass

Produced by Tomato
Engineered and Mixed by Nik Chinboukas
Assistant Engineered by Yosimar Gomez
Recorded at Spin Studios in Long Island City, NY
For booking contact Josh Musto at
Cover art by Gregory Stovetop



all rights reserved


ShitKill New York, New York

ShitKill has been spreading pure heavy metal music across New York City since 2009. ShitKill has shown off their raw brand of aggressive metal opening for the likes of Twelve Foot Ninja, the Cro-Mags, Eyehategod, and D.R.I. and have been featured on SiriusXM Liquid Metal. ShitKill is not at all happy about the current trends in heavy music. ... more

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Track Name: The New Breed
A child of introspection
Decaying for mass consumption
Stain both your face and your mind
Reinvent your reputation

Fake stained face
For the new breed you’ll sacrifice your soul

Hair disappears when your body is pierced
Nothing to say when they throw you away
Exit the scene so your conscience is clean
But I see through you

It’s beginning to grind me
False people with plastic souls
Emotion is an illusion

I know the end is approaching
Degeneration of the new breed
Sliced incisions become diseased
I see the stars fading into nothingness
into their own extinction
Track Name: Vultures
Cannot see through my black eyes
Soaring past the treetops into sight
Cut through bone and gristle, my sustenance
I, the parasite, enter the dirt

Enter the dirt

I smell disease within my grip
Chewing limbs while fluids drip
Gnaw the bone
The marrow bleeds into the bloodstream
Scavenge my survival from decay

Enter the dirt

Skin decays, a writhing pustule
Ripping through bone, inhabit new life
To soar into vivacious green
Is to ingest the insect reality

Meat on the bone
Brain scraped from skull
Used human carcass
Rot into the ground
Rotting into the ground

Enter the dirt
Track Name: Death Giver
You spread your wings with ill intention
Shattering lives over and over
Destroying dreams, twisted creation
You spin your web again

Spread your disease, love execution
Brought to his knees, Power illusion
Deadly embrace, gift of posssession
I feel inspired to end this life and heal the world

Dead souls lie in your wake
Thrust into the sea
Thrown into the dying world
Dead forever

Set in your claws, your slow infection
Within your jaws, living and breathing
Destroying dreams, twisted creation
You spin your web again

Death Giver
Track Name: Faceless
Everybody looks the same
Faceless, soulless
Sold your body and your mind
Hellbent to assimilate

You change your face and name
Identity erased
You tried to find yourself
but you found somebody else

Faceless, living on your knees
Useless, crawling back to me

No, where did you go
When will you reemerge
Or reinvent your soul

Blend into the thoughts around you
Dumbed down and devoid of purpose
Searching for a new existence
Available at your point of purchase

Everybody looks the same
Blending faces in the crowd
Behind dark glass, your empty head
You cannot find your own existence now

Faceless, living on your knees
Useless, crawling back to me
Faceless reptile
Track Name: Underworld
I see the blurring mountains
Rise up from fertile ground
Structures of humans crumble
Weakened from underground

The dead souls come to life
Speak of the flame unbroken
I seek the world below
Beneath the smoke

Coal burns below

Beneath the dying world
The flame burns through the night
Feeding at our expense
Three hundred years of death

I seek the underworld
Forgotten ghosts of generations
Plunge my soul down into the
Burning world below

Coal burns below

Look down where the mountains crumble
Become one with the dirt
Drowning in the molten ocean
Disintegrate me
The smoke rises to the sky
Blackness lingers
My soul plunges through the earth
Burning forever